Work with Incubated Startups

  1. Data Scientist position with Easy Heals Private Limited

Company: Easy Heals Private Limited

EasyHeals is an online marketplace for healthcare service providers. EasyHeals brings 2.2 million hospitals, labs, clinics and other healthcare facilities to the common man’s fingertips. It integrates hospitals, doctor, ambulances and other medical facilities under one umbrella by partnering with local providers to present an AI based location specific solution (Mobile based marketplace with rates & booking system along with comparison) with the end user at the center.

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2. Internship: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Company: RAR Engineering Private Limited

RAR Engineering Private Limited is an award-winning Technology Startups in the National Technology Awards 2020 for commercialization of innovative indigenous technologies. Incubated at Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Mandi, RAR is designing and developing advanced motion control shock absorbers and hydraulic recoil buffers for Defence as well as Industrial applications. With a moto “We Safely Decelerate Moving Masses” our custom engineered product reduces the shock and vibration from the system, provide them safety and it eliminate them from damage and noise.

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3.  Looking for a Co-Founder. To build the future of Adventure Sport and travel together.

Company: The Adventure Sports Collective

The Adventure Sports Collective a startup incubated at IIT Mandi Catalyst, is looking a cofounder to handle the technical aspect of its startup. The startup is developing a database based matching app for the adventure travel ecosystem to help Indian urban youth experience the transformational power of adventure by bridging the gap of information, community and fragmented ecosystem with multiple monetizable resources layers on the database like booking, fitness, trading post, piggy bank, match-making etc.

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4. Co-Founder Matching Request

Company: BluPower

BluPower is a clean energy start-up developing ultra-low-head, site-specific, plug-and-play hydroelectric modules focusing on the small hydropower market worldwide

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5. Internship Opportunity

Company: Trish I R&D Private Limited

Trish I R&D private Limited (Trish-I™) is an R&D based startup incubated at IIT Mandi Catalyst and supported by HCI-CPS Prayas Funding Scheme. Trish-I™ is working in Healthtech domain (alternative medicine and diagnosis) using software applications like Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning.

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