Arnetta Technologies

Sector: Agrotech

Arnetta is a technology firm, armed with a vision to positively impact the data flow in the worldwide agricultural ecosystem. Arnetta’s digital tools automate the business processes of seed enterprises. Arnetta is building a disruptive, digital crop disease diagnostics solution enabling farmers....

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The Solar Labs

Sector: Solar Installations

TSL is enabling solar vendors through image technology for the process of site surveys and capacity analysis for faster, better and less costly solar installation. The Solar Labs believe that renewables is the need of the hour and that with each home installing solar they are contributing to a be....

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Intelligent IoT Solutions (iIoTs)

Sector: Disaster management

iITos is building a unique state-of-the-art low-cost landslide monitoring and warning system that can be installed in landslide-prone hilly areas. This “patented IoT-based system” can be used to warn vehicular traffic at the landslide site via traffic signals as well as warn people living in ....

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SKPL Antrepriz Solutions Pvt Ltd (Byte)

Sector: Travel management

Antrepriz is re-imagining and re-engineering the corporate travel ecosystem by providing a 2 part (APP + SaaS) solution to manage all ‘Travel & Expense’ category expenditures done by employees. Byte is building a business credit wallet that would enable employees to make policy controlled....

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Himalayan Yeti Foundation

Sector: Waste Management

Himalayan Teti Foundation is a not-for-profit section 8 company, dedicated to helping the Himalayan region to promote engagement on 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), increase waste minimization and recycling, and implement environment/sustainable education in the Himalayan region. They provide ef....

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Himalayan Research Group

Sector: Clean and Renewable energy.

HRG is an Non-Government Organization, established in 1997 with a mandate of scientific innovations and technology transfer for community development in difficult mountain areas. Since 2005, HRG is supported under prestigious CORE SUPPORT programme of SEED Division of the Department of Science an....

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Sector: Information Technology

Where world is focused on building web applications, they are focused on building bots to automate all those applications. They are building an automation tools for business who are using any digital medium regularly as part of their business process. Their primarily focus is towards building too....

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