Startup Portfolio

Over the last three years, we have received over 1000 applications from all over the country. During this time, we hand-picked the best ideas and supported over 75 of them. Usually, a startup receives seed funding of up to INR 50 Lakhs. To date, we have provided seed funding to 11 startups, three of which have raised additional funding from external investors. Adding to this, 198 employment opportunities and 93 internship opportunities have been created by the startups that we have supported. These startups have also bagged over 18 awards at the state, national and international levels.

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of all supported startups are from the state of Himachal Pradesh
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of all supported startups are focussed on building solutions for issues in Himalayan region.
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as many as 18+ startup ideas have been initiated by IIT Mandi students or faculty.
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of these startups are currently surviving while some are thriving.

These startups work in a range of areas

Sun Navigation

Sector: Fleet Management

Sun Navigation is creating a mobile app “vehitra” for commuters to save their time while waiting for their transports. They are building IoT fleet management and telematics solutions that provide unique analytical reports which measures driver behavior, reconstruct an accident and provide historical data to enhance productivity. This app will be a tracking device that helps to keep track of the public transport and better time management.


Sector: Certification market

BlockVidhya is providing a platform to issue digital certificates on Blockchain which are cryptographically signed and immutable. Platform will be used by companies, universities to cross-verify the document credentials of candidates. By doing so, companies and universities will save money and time during background verification. Candidates will request for the certificate generation to certificate authority. Certificate authority will generate the certificate which will be verified by verifier. Once it gets verified, it will generate a unique hash code and barcode. Those hash-codes will be shared among companies to verify the credentials.


Upendo Consulting

Sector: Ad Tech

At Upendo Consulting, we help brands find their satisfied customers and then convert them into brand advocates. We believe that leveraging brand advocates to share the brand story is a more credible and valuable way to reach out to customers. We have two product offerings:

(1) Feedo – A customer feedback app which uses Net Promoter Score(NPS) to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty at physical brand stores.

(2) Brandove – An invite-only, social mobile app for brand advocates that recognises and rewards them for brand advocacy. It uses gamification and machine learning to build engagement and give recommendations on the platform.

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Goseeker Innovation Labs

Sector: Consumer Internet

Goseekr is a consumer internet company with two innovative products:

(1) goSeekr – goSeekr is a consumer platform for online workshops & seminars, delivered live & interactive, by experts. Bringing a high level of interactivity into webinars, goSeekr gives presenters the ability to monetize their knowledge and participants to gain knowledge from anywhere in the world.

(2) BeuniQ – BeuniQ is an audio-visual storytelling platform for professionals. Using BeuniQ, you can share your thoughts and ideas by creating very engaging audio-visual stories using voice (with contextual visualization, images and videos) very easily and post it on any platform. Visual storytelling is the future of the internet and we want to be a platform for LinkedIn, similar to what Instagram was to Facebook

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Health Positive

Sector: Healthtech

Health Positive provides an Affordable, 24*7, Real Time Medical Safety Net that can respond in a medical emergency and proactively suggest in a non emergency situation thereby ensuring the best possible treatment in a medical emergency and best possible health during normal times. This is enabled via a medical grade SOS wearable, that can transmit the GPS location along with vital signs as a SOS alert, at the press of a button. The emergency response system will ensure timely information, to the right people, to maximize chances of survival in a medical emergency. It will include Timely Information Medical App and an up to date Universal Medical Database.


Sector: Advertising Material

Advertising Material Imito is developing customizable flexible advertisement displays. These low power consumption displays are powered by solar photovoltaics. The illumination in these static displays can be animated as per the client’s requirements. Imito aims to be a B2B company to customize, manufacture and supply the printed EL Lumin panels to advertising agencies and event management companies.


Sector: Agrotech

uG Fresh produces microgreens of different plant varieties with nutrient contents which can be used as ‘ready to eat’ salads or ingredients for various food preparations. Micro Greens are edible immature green seedlings generally harvested within 1-3 weeks after seed germination.Microgreens varieties include radish, lettuce, beet, mustard, spinach, cabbage, kohlrabi, amaranth, pak choi etc. uG Fresh aims to provide packaged microgreens of different plant varieties with nutrient information in different package sizes as well as different combinations of microgreens. Mainly locally available seeds will be optimized.

Hi-Safe Electronics Corporation (HECO)

Sector: Road Safety

Heco is building an electronic and software based warning system consisting of a set of warning lights and smart sensor based control systems, installed on both sides of blind curve. Further, the same shall have IOT based maintenance and monitoring to detect and correct fault from remote locations. A sensor based electronic warning system can help prevent accidents by warning drivers of one side about incoming vehicles from the other side.