Startup Portfolio

Over the last three years, we have received over 1000 applications from all over the country. During this time, we hand-picked the best ideas and supported over 75 of them. Usually, a startup receives seed funding of up to INR 50 Lakhs. To date, we have provided seed funding to 11 startups, three of which have raised additional funding from external investors. Adding to this, 198 employment opportunities and 93 internship opportunities have been created by the startups that we have supported. These startups have also bagged over 18 awards at the state, national and international levels.

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of all supported startups are from the state of Himachal Pradesh.
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of all supported startups are focussed on building solutions for issues in Himalayan region.
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as many as 18+ startup ideas have been initiated by IIT Mandi students or faculty.
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of these startups are currently surviving while some are thriving.

These startups work in a range of areas

Intiots Technologies

Sector: Disaster management

Intiot Services Pvt. Ltd. is building a unique state-of-the-art low-cost landslide monitoring and warning system that can be installed in landslide-prone hilly areas. This “patented IoT-based system” can be used to warn vehicular traffic at the landslide site via traffic signals as well as warn people living in the vicinity of the site via SMSes. The data generated by the system can be used by policymakers and researchers to monitor landslide activity at the deployment location. The system also comprises a weather station, which could generate weather-related advisories for the farmer.


Arnetta Technologies

Sector: Agrotech

Arnetta is a technology firm, armed with a vision to positively impact the data flow in the worldwide agricultural ecosystem. Arnetta’s digital tools automate the business processes of seed enterprises. Arnetta is building a disruptive, digital crop disease diagnostics solution enabling farmers and the allied agricultural ecosystem to optimise farmer efficiency and farm productivity. Arnetta Technologies currently has operations in Bangalore, India and Des Moines, Iowa, USA. Arnetta’s goal is to incrementally impact the automation in the global agricultural enterprise ecosystem through design, development and deployment of cost-effective digital tools.


The Solar Labs

Sector: Solar Installations

TSL is enabling solar vendors through image technology for the process of site surveys and capacity analysis for faster, better and less costly solar installation. The Solar Labs believe that renewable is the need of the hour and that with each home installing solar they are contributing to a better future for the society and also helping the homeowners get additional income and make savings. Using advanced computer vision techniques to analyze your house, and design for you the ideal system possible, all automatically. TSL is also developing tools for this which can be eventually used by solar installation companies


SKPL Antrepriz Solutions

Sector: Travel management

Antrepriz is re-imagining and re-engineering the corporate travel ecosystem by providing a 2 part (APP + SaaS) solution to manage all ‘Travel & Expense’ category expenditures done by employees. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning they are making it absolutely simple for companies to define expense and reimbursement policies for all their employees, and then by using one point mobile application EKA, employees can call cabs, order food or book entire business trips without worrying about creating or filing expense reports. With EKA’s business credit wallet, payment will be done in real time hence no use of credit card, no reimbursement, no pain.


Biofi Medical Healthcare India

Sector: Healthcare

Biofi is working on a low-cost, non-invasive blood glucometer, which works on NIR (Near InfraRed) technology. Biofi has a bigger vision of simplifying health management systems, by enabling data-driven decisions for both the user/patient and the physician. They have taken the first step towards this by focusing on simplifying diabetes management, which is widespread in our nation, with a constant increase in their numbers.


Genetico Research & Diagnostics

Sector: Healthcare

Genetico aims to reduce time to diagnosis and enable new medical discoveries in the field of rare and genetic diseases in India. It’s flagship product is a decision support software to assist clinicians and medical geneticists in developing differential diagnosis strategies while enabling enabling collaborations with peers and other experts in the ecosystem

Leopan Motors

Sector: Renewable Energy

Leopan Motors is developing an Electric Auto Rickshaw that is equipped with the technology of Self Charging System and able to charge its batteries from 50% to 80 % itself. Self Charging System is a combination of multiple solar panels, which helps to maintain the backup of batteries all day and provide the required energy to the electric motor to drive the vehicle efficiently. It saves valuable time for its consumers as well as household electricity also.

HFIL Technologies

Sector: Energy Tech

HFIL is an IOT based product development organization, currently developing products to solve problems of the energy sector. They are building a Prepaid Energy Meter with a unique recharge functionality for rural areas. This will automate the meter reading and billing process. Hence the delay, inaccuracy in billing, manual efforts, and payment disputes will be eradicated. This will bring authenticity and transparency in the billing process.



Sector: Textile

Descatuk – Dev Ethical Sustainable Crafts and Textiles is a b2b social impact startup for fashion goods to people and planet. They are working with locally available resources and creating a business model for supporting livelihood to local people by researching locally available fibers to develop more eco-friendly fabrics.


Green Trek Research & Development

Sector: Waste Management

Green Trek is a solid waste management company that recycles steel waste such as ores,oxides and metallic scrap.Through it’s process, it converts these wastes into molten metal by use of pyrotechnic composition having a high purity of Fe 99.6%+. With the required alloying of this molten metal, it is then converted into high value steel & alloy castings for various industries.



Sector: Enterprise Management

Datakund is building automation tools for businesses that are using any digital medium regularly as part of their business process. Where the world is focused on building web applications, Datakund is focused on building bots to automate all those applications. Primarily the focus of DataKund is towards building tools for Digital Marketers, E-commerce Sellers and Freelancers.




Datalytics is an AI automation and BI integration tool startup. It aims to provide quality automation of various day to day analytical tasks such a visualization, chatbot assistance, report generation, and analytics by making the process of data analysis more coherent and collaborative. Completing the repetitive task that can be automated and diverting time and effort toward more complex problems.


Manali Swing

Manali Swing Offers one of the World’s most creative & Safe High-Altitude Giant Swing allowing one to experience the adrenaline of 70m free fall (like bungy jumping just way more interesting) with 100+ jump styles backed by artificial intelligence promising an impeccable safety like never before in the history.
If you’re the kind of adrenaline junkie for whom adventure is a natural part of the vacation process, congratulations: Manali Swing is your next destination.


SapRootz, founded in 2020, by two enthusiasts, who while working across logistics and supply chain industry; realized that the backbone of industry needs a lot of strengthening. With this vision, to enhance the lives of grassroot level workforce, SapRootz has built its web platform, an easy to use technology for the blue-collar workforce of logistics industry.

SapRootz has been rapidly taking forward steps to upgrade their technology platform in the form of a mobile application. They have launched their products like WAT (Workforce Assessment Tool), Vikas (E-Learning platform) which aids in the quick learning of workforce and Check Workforce (Feedback Capturing Platform) which maintains a central repository of workforce deeds.



Sector: Solid Waste Management

Estonemate is an environment-enthusiast company built with the purpose of building an extensive range of affordable eco-friendly products for common people without disrupting their comfort and lead the world towards a greener Earth through their sustainable solutions.

They started their journey by engaging in the manufacturing of eco-friendly packaging material. The stone paper is a future – friendly product which comprises marble slurry and non-toxic binding agent. They repurpose the waste from the marble industry to manufacture stone paper which is an alternative to traditional wood pulp paper. It leads to a high-quality product suitable for many uses like environmentally-friendly packaging and replaces single-use plastic.